Custom Branding Shoot - Cabi

Custom product photo with magazine and desktop for Cabi Stylist.

We LOVE shooting custom stock images for businesses.  It gives such a personal touch to their social media accounts and websites.  Anyone can go online and find stock photography, but to be able to include actual items from their personal collections makes them one of a kind! 

Our client for this shoot is a stylist for the home-based clothing line Cabi.  They sell clothes, shoes, and jewelry.  Check out her website here!  She wanted desktop inspired images to use for overlaying text and other graphics for her Instagram and private Facebook group for her clients. 

When we consult with a new client that wants custom stock photography, we ask that they provide items to include in the pictures to make them their own.  Barbara is local, so we were able to meet with her to select the items we thought would be best.  But for our out of town clients, the items are shipped to our studio.  We combine the items with ours (keyboard, mouse, and other desktop trinkets in this case, since it's a desktop shoot) and create one of a kind custom images!

This custom photoshoot incorporated negative space for overlaying text.

We started with a large layout, and left lots of open space for text or graphic overlays in the middle.  The pops of coral are so colorful!   Included in this image are the Cabi scarf, earrings, and necklace.  Also, fresh florals add a live element to flatlays, and we always recommend that clients add this option to their custom stock photography.   The coral spray roses look just perfect with this set! 

Next, we shot images specifically for Instagram in square layouts.  The initial layout above was tweaked in each corner, and other items added (check out those shoes!).  And by the way, this is a marble styling board from Medium.  If you shoot flatlays, check them out!   A notepad is a great item to overlay text on, and the iPad allows the client to overlay their website.

Here are a few shots from our custom stock photoshoot for a Cabi Stylist.

In our next set, we used a plain white board, and started the styling flow on the left side.  Lots of open space on one side makes an image perfect for a website header, where bold text is needed.  We also style with the thought in mind that clients might want to crop a corner of a flat lay and make it its own image.  Because we know how to shoot with everything in focus, this is an added bonus of the delivered images.  You might have only ordered 20, but by cropping and using only sections of an image at a time, you get so many more!

Including personal items can give your custom product shoot a special touch.

Below, you can see the progression of how this set turned out.  We changed out some jewelry, added shoes, a catalog, and other tweaks to make them unique.

Here are some shots that include product images and styling.
Styling products into the photos give you so many options for their use!
Adding an ipad into the mix to overlay your own screenshots!
This is the process for a custom branding photoshoot.
Lot's of useful white space in these product photos!
Love including this open catalog along with the products it features!

Our next layout featured the Cabi magazine and catalog.  The larger layout was styled first, followed by tighter shots of the corners for square images. 


Here is a gorgeous styled layout that the client can use whole, or each corner or side, and with some open space in the middle for overlays.  We then removed the keyboard and added the iPad.

flatlay desktop
ipad flatlay stock photo

We finished this custom stock photography shoot with some detail shots of the packaging, the jewelry display board, and the scarf.  The colors in this scarf are to die for, and that image will serve beautifully as a background image for social media or a website.

Some textures included in this custom shoot.

Contact us for more information about scheduling a custom stock photography shoot for your business!  We would LOVE to work with you!


Corrie & Jennie