Placing Stationery Files on a Styled Flat Lay

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This blog post features our You Tube tutorial titled: Placing Stationery Designs in a Styled Flat Lay. Our You Tube channel includes lots of helpful videos to provide our customers with a quick resource to getting started with using our images! Be sure to like the video and subscribe to our channel to get notified when new videos and tutorials are posted.

Some of our stationery flat lay artwork has cards styled in to it, so you can overlay your images files on top the cards. But, we want our bundles to have lots of versatility which is why we often times create a flat lay without cards.

Just because there are not cards styled into a flat lay doesn’t mean you can’t place them yourself in Photoshop and make it look realistic! In this You Tube video, I walk you through how to place a suite into our White and Gold Stationery Flat Lay (click here to buy it on Etsy!). This image is also sold in a bundle that includes 4 similarly styled flat lays that provide lots of versatility for your designs.

To see a video that shows how to mock up a menu on a empty place setting, click here to read the blog post. You’ll see how easy we make it with step by step instructions!

Comment below or on the video with any questions you might have, or suggestions for future tutorials! We love hearing what our clients think and tailor our styled stock photography and custom product mockups to what we know our customers want!

Click the video below to check out this helpful tutorial.



Jennie Newsome