iPad Mockups and Smart Objects in Photoshop

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This blog post features our You Tube tutorial titled: iPad Mockups and How to Overlay a Website. Our You Tube channel includes lots of helpful videos to provide our customers with a quick resource to getting started with using our images! Be sure to like the video and subscribe to our channel to get notified when new videos and tutorials are posted.

iPad, iPhone, and computer mockups have become popular lately, and we think it’s important to know how to overlay your website or an image on it to make it look realistic. In this video, we show how using a Smart Object layer in Photoshop makes placing your image on the iPad foolproof. We have several iPad mockups in our Etsy shop, which you can check out here!

To see a video that shows how to create an iPad mockup overlay in Canva, click here to read the blog post. Canva is another program you can use to style our mockups that is free and easy! We want our clients to have lots of options for designing with our mockups, and Photoshop and Canva both offer ways to do that.

Please comment with any questions you might have, or with suggestions on what sorts of styled stock images or mockups you want to see in our shop! We love hearing what our clients think and tailor our styled stock photography and custom product mockups to what we know our customers want!

Check out the video below to view this helpful tutorial!



Jennie Newsome