Our Branding Photo Shoot


At Stock Love Studio, we consider ourselves a creative business built for creative entrepreneur clients.   It's very likely that our creative clients are very visual in nature; they like to see before they buy, get to know who they are buying something from, and understand the brand in which they investing their hard earned money.


This spring we styled a very special photo shoot...for us!  We felt very strongly that a branding photo shoot would add value to our business, so that our potential clients can get a feel for who we are and what our brand really stands for. 

However, this meant that instead of being behind the camera as we usually are, we had to get right up in front of it!   Being a portrait photographer, I usually cringe at this.  But it's true when they say the more the merrier!  Jennie and I had a ton of fun being silly and feeling awkward together.  We ended up with a series of images that really showcases Stock Love Studio and what our customers can expect when they work with us.

We rented a beautiful natural light studio in Dallas.  White and bright and perfect!  It may or may not have taken months to select our outfits, but we won't talk about that part.  What we ended up with was a fancy, tailored look and a casual look.  Using pieces from my office, our goal was to create a vignette in the studio to make it feel like us. 

The morning started with Jennie's friend Lindsey, a local makeup artist in Dallas.  She invited us to her home studio and it was fun to spend the first part of the day chatting and reviewing our shot list for the day while getting our makeup done!


Once we arrived at the studio, we started creating our desk space.  I pretty much packed up my entire office to style the desk, and the few pieces we ended up using showed the simplicity and softness that we want our brand to portray.  The fresh floral arrangement was provided by a local McKinney florist, and gave the desk such a pop of pretty!  I mean, doesn't everyone budget for fresh flowers for their desk every week?  Wouldn't that be nice? 


Here's favorites from our first set, which we wanted to have a more posed, fancy vibe.  And I wish I had Jennie's pretty sparkling eyes! 


In the midst of this photo shoot, we were also working with a client in Florida on a custom job.  You can read about it here.  She had sent us a set of her sample stationery so we could get a feel for her finished product, and we brought a set along to this shoot to use in the images. We love the soft colors and the marble board, with a pop of gold!


Here are some of our favorites from the second outfit.  We wanted these images more relaxed and true to our personalities.  I'm also obsessed with my shirt from Anthropologie.  I had to throw that one in there.  

All of the images below of Jennie by herself were taken by me.  Jennie and I each have our own individual businesses, and she wanted a few more to put on her website.  Stock Love Studio offers branding head shots, with me as the photographer and Jennie as the art director/stylist.  We would LOVE to help you capture your brand through images, and you can contact us here to do that. 


We wrapped up the shoot with a celebratory meal of tacos and beer.  It was a long day, but the outcome couldn't have been better!  You should definitely consider a branding shoot for your creative business.  And we can help you make it happen!




Jennie Newsome