Blush Paper Co. Custom Stationery Shoot


We are so excited to share this beautiful custom stationery shoot with you!   Our stationery mockups are intended for designers to overlay their products and have a professional, polished look for their customers.  The layouts are styled with the end result in mind...a classic, simple, and pretty way to showcase the star of the show--the designs.

Jen, the owner of Blush Paper Co. reached out to us several months back about custom work, and we were thrilled to hear from her this spring to move forward! Blush Paper Co. is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and specializes in wedding invitations and other fine stationery products like vow books and guest registers.

After consulting with Jen, we decided on the following for her custom stationery shoot:

  • Three colorways with three simple card layouts and multiple envelope colors

  • Mockups of the vow books and guest book

  • Simply styled Instagram images

One of Blush Paper Co.’s most popular products are custom vow books for couples to use on their wedding day. They are so unique and pretty! Jen really wanted a good variety of mockups to use with her vow books. She sent us the books in a few colors, and also in white. Shooting something in plain white will allow the client to overlay specific colors in Photoshop. Here are two of the sets she sent us:


Jen loves colorful envelopes, and we agree! Each of the three colorways would include three different colored envelopes, and we looooooove how the backgrounds and envelopes worked together. A benefit of having your own custom stationery shoot is the attention to detail you get with one of a kind styling. Based on the envelope color, we change out things like beautiful antique stamps to bring the colors out.

Here is the first colorway, Classic. The deep blue gray with gold accents coordinated so great with the peach, blush, and gold envelopes.


Next, we styled up the second colorway, Romantic. This one might be our favorite! We knew Jen would love the blush background, and OMG the teal envelope with it is rocking my world.


The last colorway is called Texture. Jennie made this plaster background that we are totally in love with! And the snapdragons added softness to the overall look.


In this image of the guest book, you can get a better look at this awesome plaster background!


We styled the blank vow books on all the backgrounds. These vow books are a sweet way to add a special touch to your wedding. To have a personalized book to write vows in is such a great idea! You’ll treasure it as a keepsake and you can always look back on it and remember that day.


Something that our custom clients love is the option to add on a set of simply styled images that they can use in their Instagram feeds. It’s hard getting enough content to fill a business feed that needs to post daily. Here’s a sample of the images we captured for Blush Paper Co.


We are so thankful for our clients, and love doing custom stationery shoots. Hopefully you love this one as much as we do! Contact us here to get your own shoot started!


Corrie & Jennie

Jennie Newsome