Displaying Wine Label Artwork with a Mockup

Wine Bottle Blog2.jpg

This blog post features our You Tube tutorial titled: How to Overlay a Wine Bottle Mockup in Photoshop. Our You Tube channel includes lots of helpful videos to provide our customers with a quick resource to getting started with using our images! Be sure to like the video and subscribe to our channel to get notified when new videos and tutorials are posted.

The simple and classic wine bottle mock up in this video is perfect for anyone wanting to display custom wine label artwork. Click here to buy it! It’s sold as a single image, or part of our Gray Wedding Bundle. The size of the label is 3.5 x 4 inches. We love the neutral color palette and flower accents that give it a wedding feel, but it could also be used for any type of neutral wine bottle label design. If you are looking for a blush pink and gold white wine bottle mockup, you can get ours by clicking here to buy it in our Etsy shop.

This mockup is sold as a PSD file with a Smart Object layer, which makes placement of your designs ridiculously easy. The Smart Object is set to blend in with the image, and it’s warped as if your artwork was actually on the label that wraps around the bottle. So fun!

To see a video that shows how to use one of our mockups in Canva, click here to read the blog post. You’ll see how easy we make it by using this free and simple program for quick styling of your artwork, if you aren’t a Photoshop user!

Please comment with any questions you might have, or with suggestions on what sorts of styled stock images or mockups you want to see in our shop. We love hearing what our clients think and tailor our styled stock photography and custom product mockups to what we know our customers want!

Check out the video below to view this helpful tutorial!



Jennie Newsome